Clever Toad Originals – French Rolling Pin


The Clever Toad rolling pin is handcrafted in the traditional sense of the original design which the French went on to perfect using solid hardwood with tapered ends to roll pastry that is thick in the middle; its weight making rolling easier. It is the style that has become the preference by those who like to have a closer touch between the hand and the dough, getting a tighter grip for a heavier touch or allowing a lighter touch when softer rolling is needed. This preference allows dough to be prepared in a manner that works the various dough textures fully and more effectively for the baker.

When cleaning the surface of the pins, do not bathe the pin in great amounts of water, which only serves to add unnecessary moisture to the wood. Instead, use a damp cloth or a dough scraper to remove unwanted materials.

  • No handles! No handles, no problems. Handles screwed into a conventional roller can get sweaty, loose or rusty over time. Plus, removing them makes for a more seamless rolling experience.
  • Easy to clean: French rolling pins are even easier to clean than classic rollers, as there are no nooks where dough and flour can hide.
  • Baker’s choice: Professional and home bakers alike bakers tend to gravitate toward French rolling pins, especially when working with pastry dough

All of our rolling pins are handmade and may vary slightly from the image shown.