2016 “Frost Bite” Late Harvest Gewürztraminer

2016 “Frost Bite” Late Harvest Gewürztraminer


Late Harvest Gewürztraminer VQA  (375 mL)
Produced and Bottled by Featherstone

Available at the winery; Limited LCBO/Vintages release on March 31, 2018; LCBO # 519033

This luscious, sweet wine is a rare specialty that is truly a gift from the Canadian winter to wine lovers. The grapes were left on the vine to freeze naturally and were hand – harvested when the temperature dropped below -6°. The resulting wine has ripe fruit aromas including peach, mango and lychee. Serve slightly chilled with dessert, fruit, strong cheeses or after a special meal.


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Andre Proulx   ****½ – May 15, 2017

For those who feel that Ice wine is too sweet for them I present for you this bottle of late harvest. The sweetness is a little lower than most ice wines but it brings the same rich flavours to the glass. This retains the tropical and floral qualities of Gewürztraminer but it brings the richness and sweet qualities of a bottle of ice wine. Don’t kid yourself, in spite of the sweetness this isn’t a bottle that belongs at the end of your meal. Celebrate this bottle by putting it at the head of your table with hard cheeses or appetizers. There is still nice acidity to this bottle that keeps it from invading the palate and lingering too long.

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