Niagara’s dog friendly winery

At Featherstone,  well- behaved, friendly,  quiet, neutered dogs on-leash are welcome. Yes, your pooch can come in the Wine Shop with you… but if the Wine Shop is packed (no pun intended), please wait until there is sufficient room for you and your dog to be accommodated. 

If you would like to enjoy a glass of wine and nibble on a Nosh Box on our Farmhouse Veranda, your dog is welcome to join you. For safety purposes, please keep your dog under your chair or table, and not in the aisle so that staff and other guests don’t have to step over your pooch.

And please remember that from mid-August until mid-November there are ‘bird-bangers’ in the vineyards that mimic the sound of shotguns. These bangers are used to scare nuisance birds out of grape crop but if your dog is nervous during thunderstorms, the bangers might be frightening and upsetting. 

Featherstone Estate Winery

3678 Victoria Avenue
Vineland, ON
Canada, L0R 2C0
Tel:(905) 562-1949

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