This summer we had the opportunity to participate it a really fun experience… the filming of Cork Screwed, a comedy TV show in Niagara.

“Cork Screwed is a fun lighthearted approach to learning about wine.
Each episode will take the viewer on a visually stunning tour of some of Niagara’s most beautiful wineries. Here, abandoning all ego, our hosts will never back down from asking even the most basic question; “How can a bottle of liquid be dry?…

In the vein of ‘You Gotta Eat Here’ with the wit and sarcasm of ‘Dirty Jobs’ viewers will get a behind the scenes look at what goes into each bottle. Showcasing the majestic wineries nestled in the vibrant natural playground that is the Niagara Region. ‘Cork Screwed’ will intrigue the viewers to experience wine in a new light and even follow Ralph and Pat’s lead and visit the wineries they’ve seen so beautifully portrayed on TV.”

We really had a good laugh with Pat Gagliardi and Ralph deGroot back on June 21, 2018 when they came here to shoot the third episode of Cork Screwed. We got to talk all about our sheep labour and Riesling! Check out the listing on the Bell website and let us know what you think! If only we could get Winemaker David Johnson to stop telling us he’s ready for his close up!