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Non-fermented grape juice, (non-alcoholic) (750 ml)

Verjus is made from Pinot Noir grapes removed from our vines in midsummer, at a point in the growing cycle called véraison. Thinning the grape crop is an important part of managing our vineyards and producing high-quality wines because it concentrates energy and flavour in the remaining grapes.

The number of grapes thinned by hand depends on the season and usually the culled fruit are left on the ground as compost. However, if harvested and pressed into Verjus, they make a non-alcoholic, highly acidic juice with a tart apple-like flavour.

You can use Verjus as you would lemon juice or vinegar in any recipe, but while vinegar may clash with the wine you are serving, Verjus compliments wine.

Please note that this product is not de-alcoholized wine, it is grape juice. 

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